Want to know what your mix really sounds like?
Take full advantage of your ears with HEARS proprietary hearing testing and correction

Better Hearing = Better Mixes.

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Your ears are the most important pieces of gear you own. NO ONE has “perfect hearing,” but with HEARS, you can hear your mixes perfectly! The HEARS plugin will fix any hearing deficiencies you have that are affecting your mixes.


Dennis Scott

Multi-Grammy award-winning producer & engineer

“Who needs an ear doctor? The HEARS plugin will change your life. I was struggling to hear the midrange in my mixes, especially the high end on my vocals.

With HEARS, I can now record and mix again with confidence. The HEARS plugin belongs in every studio’s took kit.” -Dennis Scott

Mark Prentice

Grammy award-winning record producer & session musician

“The HEARS plugin is a game changer! Knowing that I’m hearing the true sound picture restores my confidence in my mix output.

And the fact that I can store multiple profiles for my various monitors and phones allows me to check across different listening platforms while still being sure I’m hearing the truth! Thanks guys!! Why didn’t I think of this?!?” – Mark Prentice

Dennis Ritchie

Multi-platinum double Grammy-nominated audio engineer, producer & educator

“Not only does the Hears plugin compensate for decades of audio engineering pressure on hearing, it also corrects for years of playing on the left side of a drummer! My stereo image has never been more balanced. Great work!” – Dennis Ritchie